"Join The Wave" Exotic Curly Frontal - The Beige Collection


A Beige Collection exclusive, "Join The Wave" exotic curly frontal is 16 inches of our most beautifully soft, bouncy, curls and waves. Made from virgin hair, and our thinnest/finest lace for that "melted into the skin" look. This hair can be dyed, bleached, cut and straightened! Anything that you can do to your own natural locs, you are able to do with this hair! Enjoy this hair in its natural curl pattern, a twistout/ braidout or maybe a bantu knotout! Make those curls POP by adding a gel or curling cream. Switch it up by straightening the hair, you don't have to worry about it not reverting back. Secure this frontal down with gel, tape, or lace glue for seamless perfection!

- Virgin Brazilian exotic curly/wavy
- Pre plucked
- Complete the look with "Join the wave" exotic curly bundles
- Natural hair color
- Can be bleached, dyed, tinted
- 16 inches when stretched
- Very natural/ realistic density
- Baby hairs
- BLEACHING KNOTS ON ANY FRONTAL can lead to extreme shedding due to the delicacy of the lace, foundation or concealer is recommend instead of bleach

****FINAL SALE. No Refunds. No Exchanges. Please ask any questions that you may have prior to checking out. Please allow up to 10 days to process BEFORE shipping. Once your order is done processing and has been shipped, you will receive an email with your tracking information and receipt details

Cut your install time and the cost of bundles in half with this "Join The Wave" 360 lace frontal band! Enjoy the versatility of these gorgeous waves and curls. You are totally in control of the density of the final product. Because the frontal band has already done half of the work for you, you'd only need 2-3 bundles to complete a full head! This frontal band is literally the foundation for creating a flawless finished product! Full frontal in the front and partial frontal in the back and along the sides. Give your hair a break with this protective style!

- 4 inches parting space along hairline
- 2 inches parting space around the nape area
- Can be worn in a pony tail/bun
- Completely covers the perimeter of your head, so is a great protective style
- Completely adjustable (adjust the straps in the back for the perfect fit)
- Complete the look with "Join the wavel" exotic curly bundles
- Natural hair color - Virgin hair can be bleached or dyed
- Baby hairs along the front hairline
- 130% Density
- Pre-Plucked
- 16 inches is our standard length to blend in with any hair length

Join the wave is available in four different options--a 5x5inch closure,a 13x4inch frontal, a 13x6 inch frontal, and a 360 lace frontal band. With the 13x6 and 360 lace band, you would not need as many bundles as say a 13x4 frontal because it takes up the majority of space. 13 inches is the measurement from ear to ear horizontally and the 4 inches or the 6 inches is the amount of parting space you would have from your forehead on back vertically. The 360 lace band is a complete 360 degree circle of lace around the circumference of your head, so you'd only need a couple of bundles to finish off your head. Frontals and 360 lace bands are preferred over wigs because you are in control of how full/ thick you want your sew-in or wig to be and the frontal has more of a realistic looking hairline and parting space.The texture blends in with any Brazilian Curly textured hair bundled wefts. Not comfortable with frontals yet? No worries, try our "Join the Wave" closure.This gorgeous closure is made from our thinnest/finest lace, perfect for that "melted into the skin" look. Free parting, so you can wear this closure out of your face or part it anywhere within the 5x5inches of lace.